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Each week I’ll list a couple songs as well as a reason why I like it. You all are in for a treat because I listen to all kids of music. So I hope you are all ready for pirate shanties followed by some old-school hip-hop artists and then finished up by some metal because that is what you are going to get.

This week I have Sleep is for the Weak by the Dreadnoughts and Revolution by The Score. Sleep is for the Weak follows in line with my other folk-pirate songs and the album it is on has actual shanties as well! Both of these songs are high energy which is my style. Revolution is a song made for the AntiFa rebel within you. Honestly I love the folk/pop sound this band puts out.

You’ll find this Demon’s previous songs listed here:

  • Prophecy of Ragnarök by Brothers of Metal
  • Johnny Home by Musical Blades
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