Cider Making Adventure

Like all of you, I’ve been stuck at home a lot lately. I’ve been playing video games and keeping busy with having to cook at home more but it’s been a little boring. I’ve noticed a few of my friends in the SCA have been working on brewing projects and I have been itching to HOP into the fray.

My puns go unappreciated once again.
Image by RitaE from Pixabay

I started by doing a little research online and decided instantly that I was overwhelmed. I’ve heard my friends talk about the details you need to take into account. What yeast/hops/juice to use for what you want. You also have to think about how to sweeten it, how to back sweeten it, sanitation, bottling and I’m only getting started! Long story short, I got a kit.

I decided to try making a hard cider. I love cider over beer anyways and it looked a little easier. I went with the Brooklyn Brew Shop Hard Cider Making Kit. It came with 1 gallon reusable glass fermenter, 3 packets of yeast, vinyl tubing & clamp, racking cane & tip, chambered airlock, 3 packets of cleanser, and a screw-cap stopper. I love that it came with the stuff to make 3 batches, well sorta. The box that I got only had two packets of yeast, so I’m currently getting in contact with the company to see if we can fix that.

I started by picking an unfiltered cider that didn’t have any preservatives and since my nesting partner Pan wanted something peachy, I also picked up some of that to throw in to our first batch. I also bought some bottles and more sanitization powder but I haven’t opened them up yet to take pictures.

This kit makes it easy. You clean everything with sanitizer, add juice and yeast, close it up with the airlock and wait 2-3 weeks before bottling. In fact, it’s so easy I almost forgot to take pictures! Imagined I cleaned the bottle and all associated items. Now we decide on what juice to use.

We decided that 1 quart peach and 3 quarts cider sounded yummy.

We threw the juice and one packet of yeast into the air dried jug and attached the cap and airlock.

I have a basement but wanted to make sure it sat in the dark so we put it back in the box to keep it and everything together.

It’s actually pretty handy the way they made this box. I don’t even have to adjust the airlock in order to check on it.

So now we wait! It’ll take 2-3 weeks to finish and we have to bottle it and add a little more sugar so we can get good carbonation. I’ll keep my blog updated on each step with pictures and a review of the flavor. I honestly can’t wait to create something I get to drink.

Have any advice or suggestions? Want to help name the finished product? Please leave a comment! We were thinking Peachocalypse or maybe Peachy Pleasure but I would love to hear other names. We need the help.


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