Pet of the Day: Crowley

Hello everyone! I am sorry for not posting. Animal crossing has a death grip on me and I love it

I’m not proud

Now to the real reason for the blog today. I have a wonderful pet named Crowley. Yes, he’s named after another Supernatural character but give me a break, I love the show. He sassy, he’s hairy, he has a few sets of eyes…. did I mention he was a tarantula? That may be important.

I don’t know what you all were expecting but I love him.

To be specific he is a chilean rose hair tarantula. The rose hair is one of the most common types of tarantula available in the United States and I actually got him from a friend who saved him from being needlessly killed. Apparently his original family was tired of him and wanted to dispose of him if they could not find him a home. I’ve had him for over a year and he is doing fantastic!

He is quite content in his enclosure even spreading webs on the bottom and moving around small rocks. Their breed is known for redecorating their enclosures regularly. I misplace his water dish, he notices!

He’s not super happy im poking around, but he is calm enough he didn’t even raise his legs.
Raising his front legs is a sign of aggression and that he may bite.

Because of his background, I don’t try to hold him. I don’t know how he was treated in the past and I would hate to get bit because I misjudged what he was okay with. I also feel pretty lucky that their natural habitat has is similar to where I live. It makes his care even easier and, geez, is it easy.

Here he is about to pounce on a cricket.
I refill his water as needed and feed him 1-2 large crickets a week.

Spiders get a bad wrap. They’re called creepy and ugly and are are often killed for their appearance. I understand the fear. Some spider bite can be very harmful, but most are not! That includes tarantula bites. It actually isn’t any worse than a bee sting. And just like bees, they rarely attack in the first place.

Thank you all for listening to me ramble about my cute buddy. I hope you all enjoyed meeting him. If you have any questions about trantualas and/or their care, leave me a comment or shoot me a message! I would love to hear from you. So would Crowley


Gender Fucked

I want a scorpion next.

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