Pet of the Day: Cass

Hello everybody! I want to take a blog post to introduce you to one of my pets. I have 6 pets and today the spotlight is on my good boi, Cass. His whole name is Castiel, after a character on the show Supernatural.

Cass at a whopping 90grams

Cass is a ball python. We adopted him in September of 2018 and oh boi has he grown in the meantime. He started at a very tiny 90g and had no appetite to speak of. I was so worried he wasn’t going to eat for me. He ended up getting him motivated by feeding him live prey and he is up to around 650 grams now!

For those that don’t know, live prey can be a little dangerous. Mice and rats have claws which could cause injury or infection. Also, if he is uninterested in eating, I have to either find a place to keep this prey item or dispose of it. As someone who loves rats, I don’t prefer this option. But hey, I’m just happy he’s eating.

He also loves my other pets! When he is out of his enclosure he loves to explore. He’ll smell the air a lot and even likes his head being scratched. He is a very chill snake. When you just pull him out, he’ll always ball up for a second. I mean, they don’t call them ball pythons for nothing.

I love the E.T. looking patterns and spots he has on him.

We love him so much! I’ll talk more about my other pets in another post. Hint: not all the pets are mammal. If you have any comments you want me to tell him, I’ll be sure to pass on the message and may even include another pic of him while I talk to him.



I’ll leave you with this blurry picture of Cass. He really likes to move around, haha

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