Games I've Been Playing: Part 1

As you all may or may not know, I consider myself a pretty active GAYmer so I’m going to start reviewing some of my favorite games. I’ll mostly be covering indie and/or smaller games since they don’t seem get much coverage and mostly because I get a kick out of them. They tickle my dark demonic heart.

Lets begin with one of the strangest games I’ve played, available on Nintendo Switch™ and Steam, Roombo: First Blood. Released by the Samurai Punk, you play as a little roomba who wants nothing more than to protect your masters home. Most of the appeal of the game can be summed up in the game poster that was released.

This was posted on the official game site here

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a sweeper. This means I have to scan every single room, get every achievement, and get top score on anything I can. This may be why I got to about level 70 in Skyrim with my Bosmer, completed every single miscellaneous quest… and never finished the main storyline because my disc had the ring of death scratched into it. Damn you old Xbox 360 console!

I mention my gaming habits because you can now look at my level screen and see how mad this makes me! I’ve only gotten above a B rating once and, honestly, that’s what makes it so fun. I love a game that gives me a challenge in a somewhat simple format. I say somewhat because the controls can be a little clunky on the Switch™

Looking at the bottom of my screen you will see a lot of commands you have to do at once. You need to hack into objects in order to kill the robbers, run, and clean blood so you get some good ol’ demonic rage and ram them. Did I mention that you can suck up objects to fling at them? So, while the game itself is simple, the controls are a little clunky. But, by the gods, it is so satisfying to clean up afterwards.

The music during the game is super intense but then it becomes joyous and cheerful after you eliminate all of the burglars. Couple that with the clean lines you leave in the blood and footprints and wow… it keeps me coming back for more. Intense, relaxing, charming and gorey, honestly it hits all the marks for a good game.

Just look how happy Roombo is!

Samuri Punk has 5 other games out and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Check out their site here! If there are any games you would like to see me review or play, comment them below. I am always looking for the next game to suck me in. Come play with me in the meantime on the Nintendo Switch™. My Friend Code is SW-0862-2464-6317.

Happy Gayming,


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