Hobby #1: The SCA

In the wake of COVID-19 reeking its havoc around the world, I thought I would talk about something I love to do which was been effected by the gathering bans. So, lets talk about my super fun, weird, nerd reenactment thing that I do, aka, the Society for Creative Anachronism or SCA for short. Check them out at SCA.org for more information and resources. Hopefully the virus gets under control soon. I want to get back in armor.

Me, fighting in crown tournament where the winner becomes the next King/Queen

Do you like combat? Do you like the Renaissance? Are you interested in making elaborate clothing or smithing your own tools? If none of those do it for you, what about life in 900 Egypt? 1300 Japan? How about spending the entire weekend with your friends in silly clothing watching them be recognized for their achievements and earning your own? If any of these piqued your interest then the SCA is for you!!

I’ll let you in on the backstory:

“The SCA dates back to May 1, 1966, when a few friends who were history buffs and science fiction/fantasy fans hosted an outdoor party in Berkeley, California. The invitation called for “all knights to defend in single combat the title of ‘fairest’ for their ladies.” This event, now known as the First Tournament, was a big success, and when the participants wanted to hold a second event at a public park they needed a group name to put on the application. The name “The Society for Creative Anachronism” was chosen on the spur-of-the-moment.” – Sca.org

The SCA currently focuses on anywhere in the world pre-1600. Its researched based and focused on the historical but many people are willing to help so it’s not overwhelming. As world-wide nonprofit, the SCA has kingdoms all over and it is likely there is a local group near you. In your local kingdom, you’ll find people with strange titles and names but it’s all part of the experience

Thank the College of St. Monica SCA Page for this very helpful map of the Known World.

Other than the crowned royalty, like the King/Queen, there are Peerages (special titles that must be earned) that offer paths in most areas within the SCA. Each local kingdom also has its own unique set of awards. These are usually earned through 4 main paths: Heavy fighting, Light fighting, Arts & Sciences, and Service. These are also represented in the peerage titles: Knight, Master of Defense, Laurel, and Pelican

Personally, I love doing a bit of everything! I heavy fight which means I get in steel armor and use rattan (solid core bamboo) to try and hit my opponent in a way that would “kill” them. Its like a martial art. I also have done a bunch or research into historical tattooing. I’ll talk more on that in another post and link it. I also sing! So yeah, I’m that guy bard. I even create my own songs.

I’m currently a squire which is one step under a knight as well as an apprentice which is one step under a laurel. Basically I love to research and fight. I’ve earned those titles over the course of 8 years and, honestly, it helps give me some purpose in this mundane life. There have been challenges along the way, and I’ll highlight them later, but overall the SCA has been a net win in my life. My friends have become family and I don’t know anything better than finding your tribe



One of the best events I’ve ever been to

(this blog is not sponsored or affiliated with SCA. Opinions are my own)


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