Why I Donate to The Satanic Temple

So a few months ago I started donating to The Satanic Temple (TST) after watching their Netflix documentary. The documentary is titled Hail Satan? and was directed by Penny Lane. I’ll give you all all a brief overview before I go into my personal reasons for donating.

Basically this follows TST members as they stage public protests that mock the language of laws made in the name of religion. For example, allowing public prayer in schools was met with a man in a black robe hailing Satan and the governor for allowing ALL prayer to be advocated for. This caused backlash but furthered the proof that religious laws are usually only made for Christians. I was not surprised to see this addressed in the documentary.

I was surprised to see the inner workings and the rise of the TST! It was absolutely fascinating to see the branches of satanism that formed as well as how the original founders were able to organize and handle the publicity. They used tact and restraint in their messages which made them relatable. I also loved how they used their platform as a voice for many different issues. Those are addressed in the Seven Fundamental Tenets of Satanism.

Lucien Greaves delivering a speech in front of the state capitol building in Little Rock, AR in Hail Satan?

While the documentary helped be better understand the TST, I was mostly blown away by their very public and performative activism. As someone in a lot of alternative communities, they gave me a voice! I’m a Goth, LGBTQ+, Poly, Atheist, Feminist and I never found a group that addressed all of those issues at once. So I started donating.

I set it up to take out $10 a month. The activist in me wants to do more, but in the small town I’m in, that could be dangerous. Basically I just do what I can. Now, if I could just get my local bank to stop flagging the donations, that would be great… HAHAHA

Hail Satan!

One Gender-Fucked Socialist Demon

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

If you want to donate to TST, check out their website here. If not and you’re just super into the baphomet aesthetic, check out their main store here. They even pay taxes. (Not a sponsored post. I just like their message)

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