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Home Alone: Gender Fucked Edition

Hello everyone! A very tired and disheveled greetings from me to you. This self quarantine has me on edge and very depressed, so I apologise for the lack of posting recently. Now, let’s get onto the topic of the day. Parenting and My Sanity My nesting partner Pan is a wonderful parent. He’s kind and […]

Cider Making Adventure

Like all of you, I’ve been stuck at home a lot lately. I’ve been playing video games and keeping busy with having to cook at home more but it’s been a little boring. I’ve noticed a few of my friends in the SCA have been working on brewing projects and I have been itching to […]

Getting Fit: Mentally and Physically

Greetings everyone! I have got to be honest with you, not being able to get to the gym is driving me a little crazy. I love to work on my weights and see/feel my improvements. I struggle with depression and the routine helps me. I also struggle with body dysphoria. Body dysphoria is defined as, […]

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